fair fares

For those who can't afford a car, being able to get to work is a serious challenge. We must treat access to public transit as a basic right and work to make it affordable for those who rely on it by supporting fair fares for youth/students, seniors/ADA,  Access-a-Ride, low-income passes, and EcoPass

safety for our transit system

In the age of terrorism, security—on our trains, buses, and at our transit stations—is an issue that's growing ever more important. We need to evaluate our security measures to make sure they are as comprehensive and thorough as possible.

environmental sustainability

Public transportation plays a key role in addressing climate change and air quality issues in Denver. I support converting the bus fleet to electric motors and working towards 100% renewable energy sourcing for RTD.

financial accountability

In order to maintain RTD's financial viability and meet the transportation needs of our city, we have to bring in experts to analyze and make recommendations for the RTD budget. This is the second largest budget in the state of Colorado, and we must take our stewardship of it very seriously.

Buses and Trains that Arrive on Time and more drivers for more routes

Those who rely on bus service to get to work, school, or the doctor's office can't wait indefinitely for a bus that doesn't come. In order to address the current shortage of bus drivers, we must focus our efforts to create new strategies for recruitment and retention.


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