My name is Angie Rivera-Malpiede, and I'm running for the RTD Board of Directors to represent District C. 

Having represented District C in the past, I have experience with the unique challenges facing public transit in the City of Denver.

As your Director, I will work to ensure a transit system that is reliable, safe, and accessible to all Denver residents.

The primary issues I will focus on are those of security, financial stability, driver recruitment, and affordable fares.


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Who I am

  • I am the former Director for RTD District C. During my time in office, I oversaw the opening of the new Denver Union Station and the expansion of the FasTracks public transit program, including the construction of the new University of Colorado A Line to Denver International Airport. I have held positions such as Chair of the Civil Rights Committee, Vice-Chair of the General Managers Oversight Committee, Secretary of the Board, and Member of the Executive Committee.
  • In 2013, I was appointed to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Hispanic Transportation Council and currently sit on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • Prior to my position at NETC, I was the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, which focused on advancing the economic success of Latino families.
  • I served as Public Relations Coordinator and Co-Chair of the Diversity Team at the Rocky Mountain News, working to connect communities of diversity.
  • I am an avid mass transit advocate, and I am dedicated to establishing sustainable transportation options that are inclusive across all socioeconomic levels.


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